Getting up early in the morning, taking some deep breaths and enjoying life. That’s something everyone dreams of and wants to experience when going on a trip.

Mönsterås is only a small part of Sweden but has the best landscape that I’ve ever seen in my life. Experiencing such colours combined with a small block house on a campsite left me speechless. This place was popping my head out when feeling the cold breeze and closing my eyes, thinking how peacefully one small corner of the world could be and how beautiful life is when you are traveling. Also, the fact that the night doesn’t get that dark like nights in Germany or Austria is something special. It is possible to sit outside until midnight when there is still light left for staring, talking and enjoying the time.

Sometimes words can’t justify the beauty of something you’ve seen and for sure you will experience the same feeling when you are looking out to the ocean, standing on the shore and trying to realize how beautiful nature can be.

We’re all thinking about white sand, turquoise water, and palm trees when we are talking about holidays near the beach, but some of these things aren’t always possible in a country like Sweden.  We all know that every beach has a tranquil moment, but we also know the feeling that we have when the horizon comes faster than the end. The area around Skurup is that place. You can forget the world by walking down the bridge and watching the jellyfish drifting along. The colour of the water, the white sand between the toes and salty hair, it has it. Don’t miss such a situation by sitting at home even when Sweden would be a little bit cold depending on the time you are visiting it.

In general, exploring Sweden by car is one of the best things to do. Flying to only one city can be beautiful as well – but you are missing such amazing places in the middle of nowhere and in the smallest villages. In my opinion, it’s all about packing backpacks, choosing a campsite without planning anything, and starting the trip. Obviously, that sounds crazy for some people, but it could be the best time of your life and the best thing is you don’t have to stay there for a month or longer. Even a week is perfect.

So the next time when you are thinking about going on vacation – take some time and don’t look at the big and popular cities that are attracting people with specials. Go inside and even look at the small places that seem inconspicuous at first sight. For such a trip Sweden is the perfect choice.


Theresa is from Austria and a student of International Business studies. She loves to travel, learn new languages and meet new people! Theresa is moving to Spain later this year to advance her studies and you can follow along with her adventures on her Instagram account @_theresah_.

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