The entrance to the very famous Trollheimen (home of the trolls) in the middle of Norway. A place to find peace and quiet, and a place to really challenge yourself as a hiker. I’ve read a lot about this place, and my expectations were high when we packed our car and drove passed fjords and fields on our way to hike up the famous Innerdalen.

Our trip started at the parking lot in Innerdal, about 4 km away from our first stop, Renndølsetra. An old, venerable mountain farm known for its breathtaking location between high mountains and lakes with cows and sheep pasturing nearby. Renndølsetra serves homemade food and beer to tourists passing by.

Our journey continued across the lake, hiking next to a waterfall. Our hiking destination was Storvatnet (the big lake), placed by the foot of Innerdalstårnet – a famous mountain for hikers. When we reached our destination and found ourselves the perfect place for a camp, we lay down in our sleeping bags and just enjoyed the silence watching the clouds pass by in the sky. When we woke up the next morning the rain was pouring down, and we had to wait out the weather before packing down our tent and walking back down to civilisation again.

We got to see Innerdalen on it’s most beautiful with sunny weather hiking up the mountains, and probably on it’s worst when we hiked back down with rainy weather and thick fog laying around our feet. The Norwegian nature is both insanely beautiful and extremely rough and there’s no doubt my expectations of this trip is fulfilled.


Ole is a 25-year-old adventurer from a small village in the middle of Norway called Verdal. He spends as much time as possible outdoors, collecting new memories in the wilderness with his Siberian husky puppy Bror, friends or his girlfriend @marteftrana. You can follow along with Ole’s adventures over on his Instagram account @bjugis.

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