Adventure, historic charm and mountains blending into the seaside. Whilst the place is wonderful, it is the curious and many varied people of Tasmania that enrich it with an amalgamation of culture, gourmet food and festivals which made this trip our most memorable internationally. The amiable hospitality, paddock-to-plate ethos, and flood of local pride gave us the ‘Don’t go there, live there,’ feeling we had searched for and failed to experience in so many other places.

Tourism Tasmania could be no more accurate than their statement ‘urban vibe meets wilderness playground,’ in reference to the state’s capital, Hobart. We began our trip treated with a custom, off-menu cocktail at a floating restaurant, Glass House, by an incredible Bartender who coins himself @thebosnianbarkeep and ended it at MONA’s infamous, pop-up Dark Mofo warehouse festival. A unification of art, mystery, and underground DJs, so hip it left us wondering how this place isn’t overwhelmingly rampant with tourists. Being American-food fanatics, we couldn’t go past The Standard burger bar where the All American did not disappoint.

Discover Tasmania: Hobart & East Coast 2

Although we loved the urban wonderland, the East Coast of Tasmania provided us with the relaxed, ocean-meets-mountain scenery that had driven our choice of destination. If you have the time, the detour to Port Arthur via. Eaglehawk Neck gave us the opportunity to explore Tessellated Pavement, as well as the Tasman’s Arch, Blowhole and Devil’s Kitchen. Just past Port Arthur, Remarkable Cave was nothing less than its name suggests. The area is now barricaded lightly, but wander into the cave and your mind will get lost in the haunting whispers of the ocean brushing in from the two openings looking out to Penguin Rocks and Basket Bay. The day was finished with a ghost tour at the infamous Port Arthur Historic Site – chilling.

A parks pass and a short drive later we were in Freycinet National Park. We were assured the Wineglass Bay track was a must and we weren’t disappointed. The ice blue water in the ocean cove which we were promised was waiting for us at the end of the short, but demanding trek.

Often overlooked, the North-East Coast of Tasmania had so much to offer us. Mainly food (we can’t help ourselves), but also hiking and culture we did not expect. The seaside localities are bursting with vendors who are passionate about local. Local cheese at Ashgrove Cheese Farm, raspberries from The Raspberry Farm and our favourite – gourmet chocolates from Anvers.

With Tasmania comes food, music, passionate locals and incredible scenery which, is sometimes so cold it, will literally take your breath away.


Daniel and Isabella are two newlywed nomads on the hunt for the story every place has to offer. They love the backstreets, local vendors and adopting a ‘don’t go there, live there,’ ethos. You can get more of their content over on their Instagram account @twoaussiesabroad.

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