I had never heard of this place until it was on the itinerary of my honeymoon cruise of the Mediterranean. Once I researched it I could not wait for this port of call!

It was an amazing view as we sailed into the Bay of Kotor in the early hours of the morning – from the moment I woke up on that morning I was taking photographs.

Climbing The City Walls Of Kotor Bay 4

Our plans for the day was a guided tour up the City Walls; Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian period and we thought this was a great way to learn about the history of Kotor and take in the breathtaking views once we reached the top!

To get to the city walls we had to walk through the old town which was full of character which gave so many photo opportunities!

Climbing The City Walls Of Kotor Bay 3

Once we reached the entrance to the city walls it was all steps and hills – it was hard work but completely worth it for the amazing views. There were plenty of stops along the way for a rest and to snap up plenty of photos!

Climbing The City Walls Of Kotor Bay 2


Roxane is from a very small place called Gibraltar. She has a degree in Psychology and works for a Government agency. Her true passions are Art, Photography and Travelling. She hasn’t ventured outside of Europe yet, but intends travel to New York and board a cruise destined for the Southern Caribbean! You can follow along with Roxane’s adventures on her Instagram account @wander_with_roxy.

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