When booking a trip to Disneyland Paris there is always the important decision to be made whether to stay on Disney property or stay offsite. I have personally been to Disney World Florida where I stayed offsite and Disneyland Paris where I stayed onsite and I can honestly say staying on Disney property is definitely worth it.

There are many benefits to staying on Disney property such as all transport is included during your visit, this includes a return coach trip from the airport to your hotel which runs every 30 minutes and is a simple process. You will also receive free unlimited transport from your hotel to the parks, during my stay at Santa Fe the buses ran every 15 minutes. This is a great benefit as it removes any hassle with getting to your hotel or the parks, it’s less time consuming compared to driving and finding a parking space which gives you more time to enjoy the magic, it’s also great to not have to pay for parking everyday!

Extra magic hours is also included when staying on a Disney property, you get an extra 2 hours in the park with access to several rides and you can benefit from smaller queues for character meet and greets, which is a huge bonus as these can get very busy later in the day. It is also a surreal experience as the number of people in the park is greatly reduced and you get to experience the park when it’s a lot quieter and you also get to skip the entrance queues that build up before the official opening times.

Along with all this is any purchases you buy in the parks can be transported to your hotel, depending on which hotel your staying in your items will either be delivered to your room or given to your hotel shop for you to pick up. This is great if you are buying larger, heavier items as you don’t have to carry them around for the entire day.

Overall from my experience both on and off site at Disney, I would highly recommend staying on Disney property as it makes your experience a lot more relaxed and enjoyable. Plus, with your hotel and room being Disney decorated it feels like you are never leaving the magic!


Zoe is 23 years old with a degree in psychology and would love to find a job that combines both my studies and my love for people and travelling. She hopes to explore as many corners of the world as possible and share her stories as I go. You can follow along with Zoe on her Instagram account @zoestanyer or keep an eye out for her upcoming blog.

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