I‘m a typical 19-year-old student from Hungary with the same dreams as anyone else; having a good job, a beautiful girlfriend and to see as much from the world as I can, through different places, cultures, and people. Yes, the last one is not for everyone, but when you see more and more of the world, you will realise that there are more and more natural wonders you haven’t seen yet. And so this is how our journey to Barcelona started.

Why did we choose Barcelona? In 3 words: because of everything. The city has all of the opportunities for typical tourists, hikers and for culture or underground explorers etc.

We arrived at the airport in Barcelona at 1 am, so we thought we wouldn’t need accommodation for that night, So we managed a bit of sleep in the airport instead. It was the wrong decision, it is the smaller terminal of the “El Prat” (without fast food restaurants or other services) and it was under construction. With the doors opened. In January, and full of workers who didn’t really know what sleeping means. So after that horrible night, things could only take a turn for the better.

Barcelona: The First Steps Of Freedom 2

And it finally happened. The sun came up, bringing 20*C to the winter. The weather was one of the best things. While in our hometown, in Budapest, the temperature was below 0*C during the day, in Barcelona, we had a little spring for 5 days.

Now here I could enumerate the sights of the city such as; La Rambla, El Barrio Gótico, La Sagrada Familia etc., but I won’t. Not because I didn’t like them, I liked them, each of these is a must see place, but anyone can find this information on the internet within minutes.

I had read bad things about the pickpockets in Barcelona, but during the winter it’s not a common occurrence, it’s just like in any of the big cities.

Barcelona: The First Steps Of Freedom 3

The people we talked with were very nice to us, helping with anything we needed. In the hotel, we could check in 3 hours earlier than usual (maybe because I speak Spanish) and that was a plus. For finding the right bus and metro, your mobile is a must, because finding free wifi can be difficult.

The sundown on the sea was beautiful almost every night. The food was amazing. The city was more spectacular than we had thought. Barcelona has an indescribable, unique feeling. We liked it, and I’m sure we’ll go back because we had no time for the market, bunkers of Barcelona and because of the general atmosphere of the city.

I’ve planned bigger adventures to places like Bali, Maldives and Bora Bora, but that’ll be a bigger challenge.


Istvan is 20 years old and from Budapest, Hungary. He first started taking photographs 2 years ago on his travels and has been hooked ever since. Istvan is currently travelling to Italy with his girlfriend where they’ll be visiting Naples and Rome. You can follow along with his adventures on his Instagram account @kovesti.

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