I still get dreamy when I think about the Seychelles. The small islands in the Indian Ocean are a magical place. For me, they perfectly sum up the beauty of nature. No matter where you go, postcard worthy pictures are right in front of you. Untouched nature, beautiful, white sandy beaches, a warm and cozy ocean right in front of you, encounters with giant tortoises and rare birds, relaxed residents and islands, partly without any cars at all – that’s the Seychelles. A true paradise to fall in love with. Here are my five reasons why:

1. The Lonely & Untouched Beaches

Just imagine, you go to the beach and no one is there! It’s very likely that exactly that happens on the Seychelles, and each beach is more beautiful than the one before. Nature is just there, no one wants to change it and it blooms with its natural beauty. Relaxing on the Bacardi beach (yes, the one from the commercials), a meeting with crabs, that come out at dusk, a refreshing coconut and a beautiful view of the ocean – I’ve never felt more relaxed. It’s totally worth coming to the Seychelles just to experience and see that. I found my personal favourites on La Digue and Praslin.

2. Life Under The Sea

The colourful variety of the Indian Ocean of the Seychelles can be experienced best when snorkelling. We met not only amazing fish but also sea turtles and reef sharks along the way. Personally, I can best relax when floating on the surface of the ocean and watching what is going on under the sea. Snorkelling spots around numerous coral reefs can be found anywhere. They are either a swim or a boat ride away from any of the Seychelles islands, and the shallow, warm sea is perfect for a dip. A wonderful pastime to refresh, relax or a workout session in between.

5 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With The Seychelles 2

3. The Sunsets

A marvellous end to the day in paradise is to watch the incredibly beautiful sunset while sitting on the beach. It’s almost like a fairytale to watch the sun sinking into the sea behind the horizon in all different kinds of orange, red and violet. I couldn’t get enough! That’s the reason why I went for a beach walk almost every single day when I was there.

4. The Inhabitants On Land

The animal kingdom on the Seychelles is equally interesting as the one under the sea! Of course, first of all, there are the giant tortoises that move slowly to nibble at leaves or just put their feet up in the shade. They are funny animals that fit perfectly into the relaxed flow of the islands. Rare, colourful birds nest in the trees, brightly green geckos run across the walls, flame red crabs build their homes in the sand, giant spiders hang their webs as big as football fields between the trees (no worries, there are no poisonous animals on the Seychelles). No matter where I went, there were wild animals to discover and I just felt like a part of the islands.

5 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With The Seychelles 3

5. The Amazingly Relaxed Atmosphere

I can imagine that living in such a place brings some kind of natural relaxed attitude to the inhabitants of the island – probably by birth. The rhythm of life on the Seychelles is adjusted to the sound of the sea and the sway of the palm trees. A rhythm that caught me instantly. This trip decelerated everything and I was able to recharge my batteries completely. Most importantly of all, I fell in love with the Seychelles because they are a true paradise.


Eleonora is from Germany and started travelling 10 years ago after she studied abroad in the USA. She loves the Indian Ocean and to experience nature, meet new people and taste local food. You can follow her travels on Instagram @traveleontour or visit her (German) blog TravELE On Tour.

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